Event Platform (Eventee)

With the view of future hybrid events, we will be using the Eventee platform.  This platform allows those at home and those in the lecture room to use the same device from Questions, Polls etc.  You can download the app on your phone and just return to it each time, or alternatively go to the event platform on your laptop (click here).  You will be able to view the current and previous webinars from the mobile app or on a desktop computer through a web page.  Remember you will after log into the platform with the same email address you used to register for the webinar.  Choose your own password.  You will use the same log in details throughout the year. 

To download the mobile app, please use the following links: 
For Android (Google Play Store) click here
For Apple (App Store) click here
Alternatively, follow this link from your mobile phone.

To view the webinar from your desktop
Go to the following address: https://bit.ly/SAVAJhbWebinars and log in to view the event.